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Whether you are an established organisation or a fast growing business, high-quality web design plays a vital role in how people perceive and engage with your brand. Splat Web Works has been serving different industries of varied sizes in Medway and Rochester with our powerful web design solutions.




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Experienced Web Design Team in Dartford, Kent
Expert Web Developers in Dartford, Kent
Experienced Graphic Design Team in Dartford, Kent
Satisfied clients at splat web works

Why Web Design from Splat Web Works?

A website performs well only if it fulfills the essential parameters like functionality, user-friendliness, and tailored design. The Splat Web Works team, offer web design services in Medway and we understand how to evaluate and implement practices which help your business grow. Our reputation is based on creating designs that perform and take your business to the next level.


We can Cater to Varied User Requirements

We know that creating a new website isn't just about meeting the needs of one party, our team understands that, and that is why we surpass the expectations of all of your businesses stakeholders.

  • Business Owners
    Effective web design means that we can precisely meet the specific requirements of your business or niche. We work with you to ensure that our bespoke web design services are carried out as you wish, or we can liaise with your staff if you would like someone else to be responsible for the project.
  • Website Users
    As users of your website, they need to be able to access the content conveniently and have a great experience doing it. Our interface is great and we know our websites provide users with a smooth performance.
  • Competition
    Your competitors may or may not have a good running website. Either way, we research your competitors in order to deliver designs that keep you ahead.
  • Search Engines
    Google and other search engines are happy to rank your website among the top search results, only if they can find and read it easily. We will optimise your website on-page and off-page to make it possible.


all our websites are built for MOBILE first
because over 60% of internet traffic is now on a mobile device 

Web sites designed for mobile


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At Splat Web Works, we provide gorgeous and beautiful web designs and interfaces that draw attention of the visitors to your website. We provide successful web solutions to both large and small businesses. We specialise in designing mobile and tablet friendly websites and also provide great marketing tools for any size business.

Whether you are looking for accessible or responsive web development along with a robust Content Management System (CMS), we will provide all kinds of appropriate web design solutions for you. With our creative thought process and fresh ideas, we can provide bespoke eCommerce website designs, commercial website designs, and marketing tools for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Experienced Web Design Team in Dartford, Kent
Expert Web Developers in Dartford, Kent
Experienced Graphic Design Team in Dartford, Kent
Satisfied clients at splat web works

What Distinguishes our Web Design?

There are many agencies offering web design in Rochester and we are proud to be among the best ones.

  • Have teams of capable designers who are qualified, trained and experienced.
  • Only begin work once we completely understand our clients’ needs.
  • Use our creativity to design bespoke websites from scratch
  • Use the latest web designs tools and technologies.
  • Engineer websites with uncomplicated and clean architecture.
  • Build a website that can be updated as your business grows.
  • Help business owners evaluate their websites’ performance and suggest changes to improve conversion.

What is your priority when looking for web design in Medway? Budgets, deadlines, quality or ROIs? With Splat Web Works, you can achieve each of these aims. Let us know about your requirements today see how quickly we can begin work on your new website.


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with over 50 years experience, meet the team that
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With over 50 years of combined experience of our 9 highly professional and experienced coders, developers, and graphic designers, we offer a complete range of cutting-edge and high-quality eCommerce website development and web design services along with SEO & online marketing solutions.

We are a leading and client-focused web design agency in Kent known for our exceptional, unique and affordable designing services. We have designed an array of websites for numerous clients, across Kent and other areas. At Splat Web Works, we work closely with our client's requirements, commercial objectives, and target audience and based on that, we craft a tailored web design and marketing package to fit the specific business needs.