Grow Your Business With PPC

We are a highly experienced PPC Agency, covering London and Kent. Our knowledge in the field of search engine optimisation has taken 15 years to build by improving our own websites, we want your business to succeed and beat the competition.

On average our customers see an increase of 500% increase in leads after three months.

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Our approach to Pay Per Click

Whether you are just starting advertising online or if you have been running campaigns for years, at Splat Web Works we understand that Pay Per Click only works well if combined with a winning landing page.

Many businesses struggle with Pay Per Click if they have a campaign targeted to the correct audience but are still not getting enquiries to their business. It is often the case that their landing page does not match what they were expecting or does not have the correct information necessary to make an enquiry

We will take a holistic approach to managing your Pay Per Click adverts, looking at if Bing or Google AdWords is the best method. Combining our knowledge on advertising with your industry knowledge, we will look at the everything involved in making an enquiry, whether its the campaign, the landing page text or product imagery, we are confident that we can increase the number of enquiries to your business.

Why Choose Pay Per Click Advertising?

  • Get immediate traffic to your new website
  • Reach customers through other websites such as blogs relevant to your audience
  • Only pay when someone clicks on your advert

Photo4Me Case Study

Since managing the marketing for Photo4Me, we have increased sales through paid shopping ads (top rectangle) and organic Google search (bottom rectangle).

To date, we've generated Photo4Me over £1.5 million worth of business, from an investment of £221 (71K PPC, 150K SEO) giving them a total return of 578%.

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