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  • Are you fully OFSTED compliant?

    – we will ensure you meet all of the OFSTED requirements for your school’s website – both the legal requirements and good practice to ensure you are making the post of this powerful communication tool.

  • Are you secure?

    – there have been some high profile ‘hacker attacks’ on school web sites that can cause great damage to your data and reputation . We will check that your site is secure or if it is vulnerable to attack

  • Are you mobile friendly?

    – a staggering 60% of all web browsing is now via a mobile device so if your site doesn’t maximise this option you will lose out in communication terms and usefulness for parents, staff and other users.

  • Does your site enhance your reputation?

    – in today’s digital world you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so the creative use of design, video and copywriting are essential to support and enhance your reputation.

  • How visible is your site to all of your audiences?

    – being found on search engines by current and prospective pupils and parents should be an important part of your digital strategy. Our FREE AUDIT will highlight any areas where this could be improved.




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St Thomas the Apostle School

CASE STUDY: matching reputation to reality

Following a six year transformation programme, under the leadership of head teacher Eamon Connolly, St Thomas the Apostle College (STAC) earned an OUTSTANDING rating from OFSTED. However the school was suffering from an historically poor reputation. As part of a bold new communications plan SPLAT redesigned the STAC website and created fresh branding to reflect the new dynamism of the school. It was also an opportunity to de-clutter the old site and make better use of a new ERP system to increase efficiency and communication within the school and with parents and pupils. The site now reflects the OFSTED rating and is also viewed by the staff as OUTSTANDING.

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